The Top 10 Daily Success Habits That Can Help Any Business Owner Earn More

There are so many different daily success habits that can help you. But today is all about focusing so you can achieve more over the next 30 days. Ideally, you’ll focus on just one or just a few habits at a time.

We can only handle so much at a time. So, even though I’m giving you 10 daily success habits right now, I don’t mean for you to focus on all of these right away because that probably won’t work out very well for you.

I’m sharing these with you so you can work on them over time. I’ll tell you a secret—I want you to boost your profits over the next 30 days… but I want to set you up for a lifetime of success and powerful, positive, profitable habits. This list is part of that.

Examine these top 10 daily success habits and choose the one that stands out to you the most.

This should be the one you think you need the most help with and think will lead to the biggest increase in profits. This is about profiting more and feeling better in your business– these daily success habits can certainly help make that happen for you.

#1- Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

This is an important one. If you wake up and don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing that day for your business, then you probably won’t get a lot done. Or, if you do get some things done, then who knows if they’ll be the right things?

When you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re doing each day, you’re kind of just guessing. You’re swimming in the dark. You might get some things done here and there but overall you won’t be as productive as you otherwise could be.

Successful people plan their days ahead of time. They know what they’re doing in the long term and in the short term. They sit down every night or the first thing every day and figure out their to-do list.

I recommend you sit down every night and plan what you’ll be doing the next day. Sit down and make a list of several important things you’ll complete the next day for your business.

Even if it’s just three important things you must complete, at least you’ll know what you’re doing. Many find that a list of 6 important things to complete on a to-do list is the sweet spot.

This gets your subconscious working while you’re resting and recharging. You might even find that it helps you to sleep better because there’s less on your mind, especially if you put your “tomorrow’s to-do” list on paper.

It can also be really helpful if you list these things in order of importance. I recommend you work on the most important thing on that list before you do anything else.

Work on the most important task before you check your email, before you check Facebook, before you do anything.

If you’re one who sometimes reaches the end of the day without having done anything profitable, then this advice is especially in tune with what you need.

You shouldn’t have to reach the end of the day and feel terrible because you got nothing done. That’s a terrible habit that can end right now.

If you wake up and get one very important thing done right away, you’ll be unstoppable. This one small change can dramatically improve your business.

Not only that, but getting something important done right away gives you a boost in mindset and confidence.

You’ll now be much more likely to breeze through the rest of your to-do list with ease and happiness.

Small things add up to big things. If you complete your to-do list successfully, and your to-do list is perfectly in line with what you need for your business, then it makes sense that you would profit and succeed more.

#2 – Have Your Goals in Mind and Revisit Them Every Day

We’ve talked about just how important it is to have your daily goals in mind. Know what your long-term goals are and what your short-term goals are.

Not only should you know what your goals are, but they should be very specific goals. Know your exact numbers, dates, deadlines, and more.

These are things you’re working toward. These are things that can help you become more profitable. When you achieve these things, you’ll be a success based on your own criteria.

Don’t just write these goals down one time and forget about them—goal setting doesn’t end there. I recommend you revisit and rewrite these goals every day until they’re ingrained in your mind.

You want to know exactly what your goals are and exactly what you’re going to do to achieve those goals. Goal setting is a habit very successful people have.

#3 – Have a Coach, Mentor, or Someone You Look up to

It’s hard to go it alone in business. Maybe you work for yourself, but you’re really struggling because you feel so isolated. It’s no wonder– it’s hard to stay motivated when it’s just you that you have to answer to.

If you feel like you’re stuck standing in the same place, then finding a coach or mentor can help give you that push you need. This should be someone who’s already achieved the level of success you want to achieve.

There are many different coaches and mentors out there. Some are in the same line of business you’re in and others focus all their attention on a variety of business types—they’re there to help all types of entrepreneurs.

Do some digging to find the person who’s right for you. They should be able to examine your business based on their experience, help you examine your business to see things you wouldn’t see on your own, and help you find ways to get more motivated and profit more.

You’ll most likely have to pay for a service like this. In some cases, you might end up paying quite a bit. But, it can really pay off and can help you become more profitable over time than you would have been on your own.

Successful people turn to other experts to help them become even more successful. They aren’t stubborn enough in their success to think they know everything in the world.

They aren’t stubborn enough to think they can do everything on their own. They realize that they can and should seek outside help for a mindset boost, strategy boost, and a new way of looking at things.

If you want to become more successful, then you might decide to take on a coach or mentor. They can help you establish better daily success habits, beyond what you could do on your own. Get into the habit of accepting help and standing on the shoulders of giants.

#4 – Know How You’re Going to Get from Point A to Point B

How can you get from point A to point B if you don’t know how you’re going to do it? It’s so important to plan ahead so there are no surprises that will take you completely off course. Hopefully, you’re seeing that that is a constant theme throughout this book.

One of the best success habits you can develop is to always plan ahead. Plan ahead for your business as a whole. Plan ahead for how you’re going to get from point A to point B on projects big and small.

Focus on your plan for the year, for the next 6 months, for every month, for every week, for every day, for every project, and so on. Planning is the name of the game.

Sit down and figure out how you’re going to do things. Have a strategy. Follow the path of success.

Know exactly what you’re going to do it, and when you’re going to do it. Do everything in the most profitable and efficient way possible.

This will really help you. Planning ahead in this way is a very positive daily success habit to have.

#5 – Get Plenty of Rest Every Day

Maybe you think that in order to be successful, you have to work all day and all night long. Maybe the people you know who are successful do work long hours.

But it’s important to realize that you’ll be at your best when you have enough rest. This isn’t popular advice, but it’s important advice.

Treat yourself well. Make it a habit to be healthy and happy every day. This means getting enough rest, getting enough exercise, giving yourself breaks, and rewarding yourself.

Know when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play. When your workday is done, get comfortable with turning the computer off.

Get comfortable with turning off all your devices and going to bed on time. You’ll wake up refreshed and better able to do your work in the morning.

Your work hours will count more when you’re well rested and refreshed. When you’re tired and unhealthy, then you might slog through your workday without getting a lot done.

But when you rest up and work on your most important, most profitable thing first thing in the morning, then you’ll be amazed at the kind of progress you can make.

Doctors tell you to get at least eight hours of sleep a day. I’ll say it again—you’ll feel better when you get more sleep.

It makes sense that you’ll be more productive and more profitable if you get enough sleep. This is an important daily success habit not only for your business, but also for your life and health.

#6 – Eliminate Distractions

It’s hard to work in today’s society. There are so many distractions that threaten to pull you in this direction and that direction. It can feel like you don’t have a chance in the world to get everything done.

You’re distracted by your family, by your own racing thoughts, by the dings and notifications on your computer and your phone, and the ever present pool of social media and this, that, and the other thing.

It’s more important than ever before to work to eliminate distractions. For example, make sure your workspace is conducive to powerful, profitable work.

Work where you feel comfortable and most productive. That might mean an office, your kitchen table, in a co-working space, or whatever works for you. Figure it out and eliminate distractions in that space.

Figure out where you work best and where you’re least distracted—it will make a huge difference in productivity. It will actually then be easier for you to adopt other positive habits that will boost your profits.

If you work from home for yourself, as many people I work with do, then it’s important your family knows when it’s time for you to work. They should know not to distract you and bother you during work hours.

If you need to, there are programs that will block distractions like Facebook or an Internet connection from your computer during your work hours.

If part of your work relies on Facebook or an Internet connection, then that won’t work, of course. So, work on your self-control so you don’t waste time when you shouldn’t be on social media, checking email, and things like that.

If you set goals and strengthen your resolve to succeed, then you’ll find that you’re less distracted anyway. You’ll get in the zone and the flow of your work. When you’re in the flow zone, anything can happen and you wouldn’t even notice.

When you’re distracted, you don’t get a lot done. Distractions are sucking you of profitability every single day. Eliminate distractions and you’ll get more done and you’ll be a lot more profitable as a result.

#7 – Get in the Right Mindset

Mindset is a very important part of this process. It’s also something people forget about. In the beginning, they think it’s so easy to earn money and start a business these days – and it is. The only hard part comes when you don’t have the right mindset.

Your mindset might be telling you that you’re going to fail. You might have a scarcity mindset. You might have a mindset that sets you up for failure every single time.

Work on your mindset. Develop a mindset of abundance. Have a mindset that sets you up for success every time.

Realize that success is inevitable for you as long as you do the right things. Follow the path of those who are successful to boost your mindset – they can inspire you and show you what is profitable and possible.

Don’t let the fear of success or the fear of failure scare you away. Try new things even if you’re terrified.

Take risks in your business even if you’re terrified. Follow the profits, get in the right mindset, and push yourself to success in any way you can.

Do what you can to work on your mindset. I’ve released many books that relate to mindset because it’s so important and so few people focus on it.

People might buy a product that promises to help them earn $2000 at the push of a button…but far fewer will invest in mindset products.

The crazy thing is that having the right mindset is what gives you those massive profits, not those products with false promises and bright shiny objects that promise you the world.

#8 – Pay Attention to the 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 principle is extremely important. It tells us that just 20% of our efforts lead to 80% of our results.

You can look at this one way and realize that most of the things you’re doing in your business are a waste of time or aren’t leading to the most profits. That can be discouraging.

Instead, look at it this way – it means that you can examine the things you’re doing and figure out what’s most profitable. Then, you can pay more attention to the profitable things and make them even more profitable.

You can trim the fat and cut out the things that aren’t profitable. You don’t want to waste your time. You want every second to count… you want every second you work to be a profitable one. Do this and you can scale up what’s working and ditch what isn’t working.

Understand the 80/20 principle and you can become a lot more successful. Make it a habit to apply this principle to everything you do.

It can help you figure out when to outsource or eliminate something altogether. It can help you learn when to scale your efforts in a certain area so you profit more.

#9 – Work during Work Hours

When do you do the majority of your work? If you’re like many people who work for themselves, then you find yourself working day and night.

Your work time frequently encroaches upon your fun and family time. Your family wonders where you are and what you’re doing because you’re constantly working.

I highly encourage you to set work hours for yourself. It’s far healthier to get your work done during the workday than it is to work from sun up to sun down.

You’ll quickly burn yourself out. You’ll have a lot more energy to profit more if you’re able to turn the work off in off hours.

You’ll also be more creative if you learn to turn the work off. It’s often when you least expect it that you get your best, most profitable ideas.

But, if you’re always working, you’ll reach burnout and you won’t have those new, fresh, very profitable ideas you could be having.

This can be hard to pay attention to, especially since emails are coming in all the time and all the notification and dings are coming in all the time… even while you’re trying to go to bed at night. But, give it a try.

Set your work hours and let everyone know what your work hours are and what they aren’t. Make it clear that you will not attend to business in your off hours.

This is the healthier, happier way to work and it can lead to more profits.

#10 – Play During Off Hours

This daily success habit goes with the one that came before it. While you should work hard and stay focused while you’re working, you do need times when you can completely shut down.

Schedule rewards for yourself. It will help you be more refreshed and more ready to work. Reward yourself for small achievements as well as large achievements.

Schedule time off for yourself. You’ll return to work with more enthusiasm and you’ll get more done.

Don’t wear yourself out. Reward yourself and enjoy yourself. You only get one life to live so you may as well make every second count.

Be more profitable during your work hours and really enjoy yourself during your off hours.